is ready to go! 

CLICK HERE to RSVP w/ student names, ages and classes desired.


SIGN-UP NOTES (see details below):
Donations cover the cost of basic printing and copies for the semester; go towards CO-OP end-of-year celebrations.

Classes are generally held every Friday during the fall and spring semester each year; with noted
exceptions for field trips or national and religious holidays. email:


Location: Faith Community Church
7352 Boris Court - Rohnert Park - CA - 94928
Office: 707-795-2222
Cleaning Crew


Clean & Prep: Friends and family are encouraged to help keep our campus clean and prep for Friday classes ahead!
Please help us bless Faith Community Church for their donation of space, resources, administration and
investment in our home school community with your time to keep up with this task on a weekly basis.



FALL CO-OP Class Schedule:
Starting 9/20/19

FRIDAY'S 9:30 AM - 12:15PM 


CHERP Co-op 
Faith Community Church 
7352 Boris Ct, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 
Fridays beginning 9/20/19 - 11/22/19 

 9:30 am    
~Worship & announcements - Pastor Mike Hayward 

~ Preschool **We are still looking for two moms that can take this on and switch off throughout the day. If however, this does not pan out, parents will be responsible for caring for their young ones. Please try to make sure that during classes, children are quiet to not disrupt the group. Thank you!  

CLASS A ~Cooking & Tea Time  - Patricia Hayward & Mike Basch 
(All ages welcome) Learning and Preparing different recipes, enjoying tea time and poetry together.  {A child’s garden of verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, the book of virtues by William Bennett, The Wind in the Willows, Beatrix Potter, Winnie the Pooh, and Shel Silverstein}

CLASS B ~ Teen Etiquette and Life Skills - Dawn Martin 
A presentation class that will cover a Biblical perspective on topics like personal hygiene, first impressions, appropriate dressing, job interviews, and phone etiquette...and more. Will include a discussion time at the end of the class.

11:00-11:15  Snack time

11:00- 12:15
CLASS A ~ Geography K-4 - Tatiana Dubinin
Class content: Kids Geography

CLASS B ~ Comparative Worldviews - Sarah Mee
Course Summary:
Students will learn what a worldview is and examine some of the ways in which it impacts an individual's decisions and behaviours. We will explore some of the most prevalent worldviews in this country and around the world, considering them in the light of the Gospel. 

Our aims will be:- To deepen our understanding of the Gospel and how it should impact every area of our lives.- To grow in our awareness of others' beliefs, values and perspectives, and in our empathy for them as Image-bearers of God in a broken world.- To develop skills for listening to and conversing with those of a differing worldview, with the aim of sharing the Good News of Christ.

CLASS C - Geography 5th-8th  Carolyn VanGorkom
Course Summary:

An age appropriate geography class for older kids 


12:15-12:30 Campus clean-up (All hands on deck to make sure we leave Faith Community Church in even better shape than when we came. 

List of "jobs" (more may be added, as needed):

* Trash collecting outside & around the playground/lawn area

* Clean up of sanctuary and removing all trash and left over things

* Preschool room clean-up 

* Wipe down and put away tables and chairs in Fellowship Hall (or elsewhere)

* Sweeping (& mopping, if necessary) in Fellowship Hall 

* Bathrooms check to make sure everything is clean

* Checking to make sure all items you brought, you take home (unless a plan for storage is setup with Leadership)


Nuts, G-FREE?
This is TBD pending enrollment. Let us know if you have any concerns!

Parents can help by signing up for weekly tasks and oversight. We want to monitor kid behavior and
ensure a respectful learning environment.

Our CO-OP is unique because we offer…

A Christ-centered education with model respect for good character.

A one-room school house method of teaching; and specific courses for advanced learners.

A wide-range of classes, catering to all ages; with emphasis on older students mentoring younger students.

A commitment to meeting the needs of this community, honoring families, providing quality education, standards and value for our children.

A casual commitment and economical investment for families who are looking to supplement or enhance their home study program.

A nominal investment of time and money to participate in weekly classes.

Our time together on Friday mornings at CO-OP provide countless opportunities to…

Work alongside our children.

Encourage a love of learning.

Build confidence in knowledge and leadership.

Form strong friendships.

Be a reflection of Christ and a warrior for His kingdom.

Our kids are expected to…

Focus, pay attention and try their best to listen and learn with respect towards all.

Try and communicate well with others.

Go out of their way to be kind and include others.

Be helpful whenever they see a need or ask for help.

Not wrestle with others.

Not gossip or whisper.

Keep talking outside of classrooms.

Keep cell phone use outside of the classroom.

Our parents are needed to…

SIGN-UP and share the role of kid supervision.
Help to manage noise and focus in each class.
Monitor communication and behavior with others.
Keep talking outside of classrooms.
Keep cell phone use outside of the classroom.

If you are curious to know about:
Updates to California Immunizations Laws and

Related Record, plus Keeping and Reporting Requirements... CLICK HERE for HSLDA Info


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